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Exhibiting at the origin of sculpture …

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IMPOTENCE - Bronce () Tilmann Krumrey, 2012

Starting his adventure of figurative sculpture with the classical theme of the Kouros – after beginning years as an abstract, modernist artist – the sculptor is now pleased having an exhibition on Mykonos Island in the Aegean Sea. For visiting the four works exposed, please contact MINIMA GALLERY, Mykonos, Greece.

IMPOTENCE - Bronce () Tilmann Krumrey, 2012  Kain and Abel - Bronze () Tilmann Krumrey, 2011

IKARUS – scale 1:10 bronze model of the wood sculpture in dimensions of 4.10 m x 1.50 m x 1.40 m (height, width, depth), Tilmann Krumrey , 2011  MAN-WO-MAN, resin with mineral