Resurrection in Palermo

New exhibition with Tilmann Krumrey’s video artwork „Resurrection“, 2012, to be seen at the Polo Museum of Contemporary Art in Palermo from October 21, 2017 – November 26, 2017.


IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827 Resurrection, 2012, Videoart - Tilmann Krumrey


Link to the official press release of the Polo Museum and Videoinsigth® Collection.


Independent Collectors Guide

The well-known Videoinsight® Collection from Turin has included Tilmann Krumreys artwork Resurrection, 2012, into their artwork list at the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors. The BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors includes 236 publically accessible private collections and offers a full spectrum of the contemporary art world.

Videoinsight® Collection is a selection of contemporary art with high psychological impact and psycho-diagnostic and psycho-therapeutic potential. The collection contains all segments of art, sculpture, installation, painting etcetera. Their video art section includes videos by 
numerous international famous artists: Nathalie Djurberg, Hans op de Beeck, Keren Cytter, Laure Prouvost, 
Katarzyna Kozyra, Kate Gilmore, Marzia Migliora, Ursula Mayer, Beatrice Pediconi, Eulalia Valldosera, Vyacheslav Akhunov, Said Atabekov, Tobias Zielony, Larissa Sansour, Maria Josè Arjona, Sophie Whettnall, Julika Rudelius, Agnieszka Polska, Vlatka Horvat, Fatma Bucak, Erdem Tasdelem, Vladimir Houdec, Cheryl Pope, Masbedo, Goldiechiari. Some of them participate to the Venice Biennale 2015 ‘All the World’s Futures’.

An interview with the collector Dr. Rebecca Russo. The website of Videoinsight® Foundation. A portray of the collection here or on the Italian Collectors Portal.