HYPNOS and other works on Mykonos

When you visit Greece this summer and have planned to stay a few days or hours on Mykonos, make sure to visit MINIMA GALLERY to see a few works of Tilmann Krumrey like HYPNOS (height 60 cm, Tilmann Krumrey 2017, Edition of 10), OHNMACHT, NIKE, STILLE or the monumental over-life-size bronze of KAIN UND ABEL that can be seen at Psarrou Beach in Nammos.

HYPNOS, Tilmann Krumrey, 2017
KAIN und ABEL, Tilmann Krumrey, 2010




Exhibiting at the origin of sculpture …

IMPOTENCE - Bronce () Tilmann Krumrey, 2012

Starting his adventure of figurative sculpture with the classical theme of the Kouros – after beginning years as an abstract, modernist artist – the sculptor is now pleased having an exhibition on Mykonos Island in the Aegean Sea. For visiting the four works exposed, please contact MINIMA GALLERY, Mykonos, Greece.

IMPOTENCE - Bronce () Tilmann Krumrey, 2012  Kain and Abel - Bronze () Tilmann Krumrey, 2011

IKARUS – scale 1:10 bronze model of the wood sculpture in dimensions of 4.10 m x 1.50 m x 1.40 m (height, width, depth), Tilmann Krumrey , 2011  MAN-WO-MAN, resin with mineral